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  • How to find photoreceptors to proofread and label

    How to find photoreceptors to proofread and label

    Big thanks to FlyWire team member Szi-chieh for putting together this guide for finding photoreceptors! Introduction Drosophila has two chief motion detection pathways (reference): Since we have all Mi1 cells labeled in the left hemisphere, based on the motion detection pathways, we can work our way up using an individual Mi1 to locate its presynaptic […]

  • Make Paper Figures in FlyWire

    Make Paper Figures in FlyWire

    FlyWire screenshots can be used in your Drosophila melanogaster publications. Here are some tips to easily set up your scene: Full screen 3D view Hover your cursor over the 3D part of the screen and hit SPACE. SHIFT+Click + Drag allows you to pan the camera. To remove the axis bars, use the keyboard shortcut: […]

  • Quest for the missing Photoreceptors (R cells)!

    Quest for the missing Photoreceptors (R cells)!

    Calling all Flyers to a new quest! We’re on the hunt for unlabeled retinula cells, and we need your help to complete them! These photoreceptors extend into the retina, whereas our dataset terminates at the lamina. Therefore, it will not be possible to fully complete these cells, though we can observe large enough sections for […]

  • Cell Labeling/Adding Annotations

    Cell Labeling/Adding Annotations

    Proofreading cells is one of our main objectives in FlyWire. But as we near completion on the Fly connectome, we also need help labeling proofread cells, sometimes also referred to as cell annotation. This guide will get you started on your cell annotation journey, and provide resources to helpful tools that can assist in leveling […]

  • FlyWire Town Hall

    FlyWire Town Hall

    Thanks to everyone who joined the FlyWire Town Hall on Nov 10, 2022. The event included a State of the Connectome (the brain is 87% proofread and we recently surpassed 100,000 neurons!), publication plans, and new tools in development. FlyWire is nearing the end of proofreading and is migrating to a push for annotations. There […]

  • Extras to Enhance FlyWire

    Extras to Enhance FlyWire

    As well as FlyWire’s browser add-ons, there are a few different things you can do on FlyWire to alter your user experience, without any add-ons needed. You don’t need to consider these tricks necessary for getting the hang of the Neuroglancer platform, but for those of you who like to fiddle with code or explore […]

  • FlyWire FAQ

    FlyWire FAQ

    Find the most commonly asked FlyWire questions and answers here!

  • FlyWire Citizen Science Symposium

    FlyWire Citizen Science Symposium

    FlyWire’s first ever Citizen Science Symposium will take place virtually on Thurs, Sept 29 at 10 am US ET / 14:00 GMT.

  • FlyWire Addons

    FlyWire Addons

    Thanks so much to Flyer and volunteer dev @Krzysztof Kruk for bringing a bunch of amazing new features to FlyWire! This post will act as a central repository for all these addons. Feel free to add as many as you like to FlyWire to improve your proofreading experience!

  • A Walk Through the FlyWire Lightbulb Menu

    A Walk Through the FlyWire Lightbulb Menu

    FlyWire’s Lightbulb Menu is home to a number of useful functions. Let’s check them out.