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  • How to Use FlyWire

    How to Use FlyWire

    FlyWire is a community data resource containing whole brain connectome of the female adult fruit fly ( FAFB dataset). The central brain has been fully proofread by human experts and as of Oct 2022, the whole brain is 85% proofread. The community has added over 33,000 labels to the volume. The FlyWire interface: After you…

  • Congratulations on 10,000 cells mapped by citizen scientists!

    Congratulations on 10,000 cells mapped by citizen scientists!

    Bravo! Today the 10,000th neuron was completed in FlyWire!

  • FlyWire Citizen Science Symposium

    FlyWire Citizen Science Symposium

    FlyWire’s first ever Citizen Science Symposium will take place virtually on Thurs, Sept 29 at 10 am US ET / 14:00 GMT.

  • A Walk Through the FlyWire Lightbulb Menu

    A Walk Through the FlyWire Lightbulb Menu

    FlyWire’s Lightbulb Menu is home to a number of useful functions. Let’s check them out.

  • The First Auditory Connectome

    The First Auditory Connectome

    A new paper was published today in Current Biology that features the first auditory connectome of any species and includes the discovery of 24 new types of neurons.

  • New Cell Drop!

    New Cell Drop!

    We’re excited to share that today, July 21, we’ve dropped ~1,200 new cell segments into the Proofreading Queue for you to check-out! Like the previous drop of ~600 segments, these cells continue to be part of our goal to proofread the synaptic pathways of the optic lobe as they connect to the central brain of…

  • Zone 2: Complete!

    Zone 2: Complete!

    We’re excited to share that FlyWire Zone 2 is complete! Congratulations! Hundreds of neurons from the first 9 optical columns have been proofread and now we’re venturing on to Zone 3.

  • FlyWire Zone 2

    FlyWire Zone 2

    Congratulations! We ripped through the neurons of the first optic column. Next up in the reconstruction queue: 8 optical columns.

  • Column One is Complete!

    Column One is Complete!

    Congratulations, FlyWirers! The first optic lobe column is officially declared COMPLETE!

  • FlyWire: Column Countdown

    FlyWire: Column Countdown

    Our first goal in FlyWire is an optical column. We initially define this as all the synaptic partners of one Medulla neuron. Together, that comes to 160 cells total. How fast can we map them?