Column One is Complete!

flywire, optic lobe, column, neurons, neuroscience

Congratulations, FlyWirers! The first optic lobe column is officially declared COMPLETE! Check it out in FlyWire.

Upon final inspection, the column contained 143 unique neurons.

Below find links that show all the cells completed by each contributing player. Please note these links only work for users with access to the Production Dataset.

bl4ckscor3 (60):

a5hm0r (34):

annkri (23):

AzureJay (19):

st0ck53y (6):

KrzysztofKruk (2):

This huge milestone marks the first unit of cells completed by citizen scientists in the fly brain. Optic columns relay visual stimuli from one of a fly’s hundreds of eyes deep into the brain. Secrets of their function will be uncovered as we reconstruct more neurons of the optic lobe.

Thank you for joining FlyWire and contributing your time to this revolutionary connectomics platform. For science!

What’s Next? We’re moving into Zone 2!

flywire, optic lobe, column, neurons, neuroscience

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