Zone 2: Complete!

flywire, neurons, neuroscience

We’re excited to share that FlyWire Zone 2 is complete! Congratulations! Hundreds of neurons from the first 9 optical columns have been proofread. You can check  out a video of them below. For anyone brave enough to load 688 meshes into FW, here’s a link.

Next we will explore who these cells talk to by mapping their connected partners in FlyWire Zone 3. This set of ~1,000 neurons may be different from the previous sets. Let us know if you want a second opinion on a trace, find anything cool, or would like us to try to ID a cell that you come across. We love seeing all the posts in the Gallery of Amusements

Soon there will be more familiar faces in chat as the rest of the Eyewire Mystics will be invited to try FlyWire on Tues, June 21. Together we will hopefully map enough circuitry from fly optic lobes to complete the drosophila connectome!

For Science!

flywire, neurons, neuroscience

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