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Thanks to everyone who joined the FlyWire Town Hall on Nov 10, 2022. The event included a State of the Connectome (the brain is 87% proofread and we recently surpassed 100,000 neurons!), publication plans, and new tools in development. FlyWire is nearing the end of proofreading and is migrating to a push for annotations. There are already over 33,000 annotations but many more are needed.

Annotations Push: please add annotations to FlyWire and let us know about Known Unknowns (groups of cells missing in Codex that need annotations). We’ll put together a shared resource for this soon.

  • Annotations can be made directly in Codex or via FlyWire lightbulb menu

Check out Codex, the new Connectome Data Explorer tool:

Codex updates since demo video:

Thanks for all the effort that you have put into FlyWire.

Onward, to the Connectome!

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