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  • Banc-Bot Guide

    Banc-Bot Guide

    Welcome to the BANC! We’re happy you’ve decided to join us to begin proofreading in the GNG (Gnathal Ganglia) of fruit fly brain and nerve cord! If you’re coming from Eyewire, or even if you are a seasoned Flyer, with this dataset we’ll be tracking progress a little differently. We’ll be using a little friend called…

  • BANC Proofreading 101: Climb into Spelunker

    BANC Proofreading 101: Climb into Spelunker

    Spelunker is the latest neuroglancer platform for proofreading and annotating large electron microscopy datasets. Whether you’re brand new to proofreading or or need some guidance while getting acquainted with the updated platform, this tutorial will help get going.

  • Expert Proofreading Tips for the BANC (Brain and Nerve Cord) Dataset

    Expert Proofreading Tips for the BANC (Brain and Nerve Cord) Dataset

    Here are some proofreading tips specific to the BANC (Brain and Nerve Cord) dataset in FlyWire. Using Mitochondria For Continuations For this particular dataset, you may often find that the dark mitochondria in a branch cause the AI to grow confused and terminate the branch instead of finding the extension. However, although most mitochondria don’t…

  • FlyWire Proofreading Tips

    FlyWire Proofreading Tips

    In this document we’re going to go over some common problems you are likely to come across when proofreading in FlyWire. Using these tips you’ll learn how to better spot cell structure errors, and work around tricky spots in the dataset. X-Shaped Mergers These are what you’d traditionally think of as a merger, with a…

  • Cell Labeling/Adding Annotations

    Cell Labeling/Adding Annotations

    Proofreading cells is one of our main objectives in FlyWire. But as we near completion on the Fly connectome, we also need help labeling proofread cells, sometimes also referred to as cell annotation. This guide will get you started on your cell annotation journey, and provide resources to helpful tools that can assist in leveling…

  • Extras to Enhance FlyWire

    Extras to Enhance FlyWire

    As well as FlyWire’s browser add-ons, there are a few different things you can do on FlyWire to alter your user experience, without any add-ons needed. You don’t need to consider these tricks necessary for getting the hang of the Neuroglancer platform, but for those of you who like to fiddle with code or explore…

  • FlyWire FAQ

    FlyWire FAQ

    Find the most commonly asked FlyWire questions and answers here!

  • Optic Lobe Cell Catalog

    Optic Lobe Cell Catalog

    Much of a fly’s cognitive processing power is dedicated to vision. Understanding circuits underlying vision may uncover secrets of sensory processing in other intelligent animals. Here’s an overview of the main cell types of the fly optic lobes.

  • To trace, or not to trace? How to know when your cell is finished

    To trace, or not to trace? How to know when your cell is finished

    How perfect is too perfect? Let’s go over some tricks and tips to decide when it’s time to stop proofreading.

  • FlyWire Help: What will my cell look like?

    FlyWire Help: What will my cell look like?

    Take a look at the morphology of cells in the optical column, the area of the fly brain we are reconstructing.